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Friday, October 30, 2009

Operation: day # 15

AT 10:43 AM
Things are always fluctuating. I thought after I did the operation and spent rm2.8k everything is going to be fine.

But suddenly, I found out I need to do another one operation because the first one wasn't that successful.

I cried for another whole day and I think a lot. All the pains and tears. Everything everything.

What if, I cannot be healed? What if, I pain till I die? What if..................

I am always an optimistic girl. But this pain killed every positive things.

I could hardly thing rationally.

I don't have mood to blog and do a lot of things.

My daily routine for these days is wake up, sit at living room, scared afraid of the pain come again, when pain comes, I can only lie on bed and cry until the pain is gone.

I found the important of health.

I always thought I eat very healthy I will not need to suffer from all these.

I am going to check later, to confirm whether I need the second time of operation. I hope, not.

Pray for me.

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