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Friday, October 2, 2009

Its Krrunch Time, Get Playful

AT 9:55 PM
A lot of you wanted to attend Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards 2009. The first entry required us to me krrunch and playful. But my life is so boring and nothing so krrunchy been happen to me for so long already.

One day, in order to be Krrunch, I went to supermarket and get some Pringles.
Thought he was lonely so I get some vegetables to accompany him, too!! =D

Pringles then followed me back and he saw the website of Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards 2009 and he wanted me to join!!! But of course this entry need to be done first and it is not up to him to decide.
Pringles brought me Krrunch cause he actually want me to accompany him to attend this Blog Awards cause he is the VVIP for the event. But yet, he wants me to try out whether I can get the invitation myself by having Krrunch with him =O

So, with Pringles together, I made fun of Allan Wu XD XD

Allan loves Pringles also k!! I wanna see him together with Pringles on that night!!!

For the whole day at HOME, I had Krrunch with Pringles while blogging and searching info to win the invitation for Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards 2009 <3

After finished the entry then Pringles accompanied me to watch tv.

To Pringles, I would say "My life would not be Krrunch without you"

Thus, I really hope I can have Krrunch with you when we both together attending Blog Awards kay!! Heart-crossed**


“It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!” yeeeeeeeeeeehaaaa~~

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