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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life: just life

AT 9:46 AM
Went to Xberry Party yesterday courtesy of Nuffnang invitation!!! Saw Cheesie, Tzia, Tay Cindy and KY!! oh and SOTONG ZAI!!! Damn tired after the event cause I busy for the whole day dee.. @@ I slept with my wet hairs lol....

This entry is not about the Xberry Party. The photos are still processing. I have plenty to talk about it HAHAHAHA!!!

btw, the photo above shows how much I love purple =O


To work for Sensodyne, I need a black slack and since I don't have one, thus I have to BUY!!!! Bought mine at g2000. For half price my slack. Damn worth it. I don't wear any long pants cause of my big thigh so so ngam found one suit one and it's HALF PRICE!!!! wuHOO~~~


This is the place I have to stand for 8 hours for rm130 =) But most of the time I talked to my partner only because even in weekend there is no much people especially at the area I stood =X


Last Thursday, had dinner with uncle's family, fat her's treat @ Da Tuan Yuan Bukit Raja.

The food is really consider good among the other restaurants =)

The marmaid chicken and the gu lou yok are the two famous dishes at Da Tuan Yuan.

Then because of my family is vege lover so of course 2/3 of dishes are vegetables. The vege here are the best among other restaurant I eaten =O

And because no fish and seafood (I feel bored already eating seafood) so it's only rm105 for 10 persons!!!

Alright, I am preparing to work niao~

Buibui... ;)

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