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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something good.

AT 10:24 PM
I just missed the ALL AMERICAN REJECTS!!!! wtfart cause I need to work and my partner Kok Yee missed ho liao with the mother also XD XD that is the thing. We betrayed everything because of RM130 =X.

After so many negative things, after so many no-reply comments. Here I am, once again, I AM BACK!! RAWR!!

ya but my thing thing not fully recover yet.

I still need to depend on all the above to survive for I think at least few weeks more T.T


Let's get some good things to digest.

Thanks to TM who has too many merchandise for ManU ASIA TOUR so I got this and of course I generously gave it to Kari cause you know, he is typical fans of MU and he always deny it =X

Then then, my 12 years old brother with 174cm 73kg that one, bought me and Kari these key chain =D

And again, Kari doesn't like MU cause he only like Ronaldo so I get him this XD XD
We're meeting in less than 24 hours so happy hope everything is fine!

And previously my mother bought me this HALO KITTY (Hello Kitty) purse for me RM99!! T.T

Oh ya, after so many pain and skipped so many meals I am still this phat. I'd never get thin one people. STOP DREAMING!!!

Some random photos that I taken century ago. My first sister.

And guess what is this la!! guang guang guang~~


all my readers you can come back dee... I lost 70% of my readers in two weeks time T.T

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