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Monday, March 1, 2010

I know:

AT 8:31 PM
I have not been blogging for quite some time.
At all the times that I wasn't blogging, I spent the time with the family since it was still CNY and I won't be going back Klang that often anymore.

Also, I have been pampering myself to eat more and more and more during CNY until I gained 5kg FML.

Other than that, the rest of the time I spent it with Kari and also my studies of course.

Today, I found out all the explants that I plated was contaminated and I am berry the sad. Sad because I was a step behind my friends. And actually I wasn't that sad cause I might have more things to write in my thesis later on.

Thence, in order to compensate the disappearance of Queen Kylie's for almost one week, I will give yall strawberries.

In digital form.

Yes, it's strawberries. I went to Cameron Highland, again. Because my plants for FYP wasn't doing well and for the whole Malaysia, Cameron Highland is the only solely place that has leftover of Chrysanthemum. omfg T_________T

I skipped classes and rushed to Cameron and get the plants plus I managed to eat some durian and getting know the secret recipe for men to be UMPH UMPH during the process of intercourse. Wanna know what is it? Well the information is ultimately from a Bangladesh worker that selling some durians and honey.

According to him, you may use the very PURE mountain wild honey and add it together with A raw egg and drink it then you might able to make ah moi cry. How he described is bit discriminating females so I don't like him. And the info is ONLY MERELY according to him. You may try but I do not take any NEGATIVE responsibility if there is any side effects.

Alright alright, I have blogged so now is my time to study dee. Hopefully I can study cause I am very the sleepy now after rushing back from Cameron just now. @@!!

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Anonymous said...

I falling in LOVE with your posts.

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