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Thursday, December 20, 2007


AT 12:20 AM
Sorry to say, but I am really lazy to put the photos in sequence. So, please enjoy the art of mess. Thank you.

After you eat this, you will need dozen of toothpaste or listerine
to make your mouth smell better. This duck smell yucks!

I think they used the salt in the whole sea water in this world
to cook this pathetic fish. Yucks again. Puke.

Well, I think this was the best already la. The yam balls were so nice.

I just don't know why Nic cannot smile.
(The upper row, first from your right.)

I found out PengHan's(The one standing next to door) singing skill has become worse.
How come? Hmm..

This soup, a boring soup.
The "hoi tam and gon pui"(seafood in cantonese) inside told me that.

Toyota centre met this very cute uncle.
I think he's really tired that day, what he did yesterday night?
Hehehe.. Ask him. (p/s: He snored DAMN loud)

This prawn damn oily. But I had 3 cause I just LOVE prawn.
And, I like to "prawn"(in cantonese) people, too.

Everyone is looking at the "new couple" walking in.
They never saw human before I guess.

My dad's hand. Yeng? These hands made my mum lost
around Rm100K. Wahlao!!!!

Yeah, typical Aunties and Uncles.

Um, GreenBox at Aeon Bukit Tinggi.
Rm24.00 per person, which I think I don't like it lor!

Konklusinya, it's all boring!!

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