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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You are not Legend

AT 2:28 AM
Basically, if you don't like I am Legend, you won't like...

Resident Evil: Extinction and...

28weeks later.

In my own opinion, these 3 movies are definitely not my taste.
Basically, we're just seeing one or two characters than acting with some other Aliens that eventually will die or forcibly occupy the whole world and all the organism on the Earth just died due to the infection of diseases or viruses or the bite of MONSTER!!

There are some similar points on these movies which I don't wanna talk about. 'Cause it is so boring. The best worst was when I watched these movies, I am really falling asleep.

May be you wanna say:" Alah, LimKahYee, why you so celaka, no one asked you to watch what!"
Well, friends wanna watch, what can I do? Of course, I already warned them these shows are not for human. That's the reason why when we enter the cinema, it's quite empty. So, you know who's watching the shows right? Tehee.

So next time when you wanna watch a movie, may be you can ask for my opinion first before you watching any. If and only if you have same good taste as me. phaha!

Not forget to mention, you should watch National Treasure - The Book of Secret. Trust me.

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