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Monday, December 3, 2007

Whole week of nice food - Sunday

AT 12:57 AM
Sunday (Family) :

Not really nice food but......

I went to the newly opened AEON Bukit Tinggi Shopping Center.
The shops here of course not as high class as KL, but trust me, the food here will make you say Fu-yoh.
Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Western, Hong Kong, BBQ (people Q like hell for it), NyonyaS(there are 2 nyonya restaurants that just opposite to each other, wonder how they survive), bread stall(the bread is DAMN nice), Fast Food (of course), and etcetera. You should really come here, just for the FOOD!!!

The elevator of AEON. lol.

The Autumn theme.
They are actually selling some Japan products here.
(But no one buying)

The Christmas tree 'cause Christmas is coming. (crap)

P/S: Except for the shape, I was wondering whether they copy Pavillion's style to decorate AEON.

I had KFC Zinger Maxx as my dinner.

Whole set of this Zinger Maxx is just RM8++.
I really full after this. Thus, the RM11.00 chicken= sux!

Then I treated my dearest LimKahSin(My sis) ice-cream in Haagen Dazs to compensate everything that she missed when I was not at Klang.


When you saw this view in AEON here,
means you are sitting the same place as I sat the other day in Haagen Dazs.
(Be proud of it ;) )

Yeah yeah, the RM19.90 Chocolate Top Sundae.
Really nice.

This photo was captured purposely.
But due to the camera girl took a loooong time to captured it, well, I showed this face.

Nye Nye, she's the camera girl LimKahSin.

... and she's so happy that day.

Not forget to mention, those people who know me please do not stared at me and looking at me like look at a stranger or Alien then without saying a Hi whenever you saw me at anywhere 'cause I do not know what response should I give except for stare you back. Sigh...
Who's his name ah?

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