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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Walk to Kampar

AT 9:09 PM
Early in the morning 7.30am. I departed from Klang (crowd town) all the way to Kampar....

The sky in the birdly morning.

Reached EngAnn. See the sky so dull.
Still birdly morning. Damn sleepy.

Then, I ate this celaka lou-shu-fan (cantonese). It makes me wanna Puke!!
Using the pork oil. Yer.. Hate it.

Seterusnya, all the way to kampar,
I am sleeping.........................

Until I reach,

Teluk Intan (Diamond Bay). Well, LOL!
p/s: for those who don't know this pagoda is senget one, it's really senget.
I didn't italic-kan dia. ok? hahaha!!
Pisa copy this pagoda or the other way round?
Proudly, the beginning of this year only I know there is such thing in Malaysia.

My Dad and Uncle said this shop punya products nice wor.
So, bought some biscuits here.

Multiple choices. See which one you like?
They are a lot cheaper than outside.
I mean A LOT.

Don't know who's this relative of the owner of this shop.

The maid.

Then, we continue our journey......

Saw this stall... The rambutan very nice la.

Dad ordering for coconut water. Lol.

This auntie damn pro in the Kung-fu of BREAKING coconut.

Then, I had this.
The juice nice only la. The meat older than the auntie's skin.



The main building of this UTAR-Perak Campus.
I heard these auntie uncle said they come for fun only. Lol.

Then la, I saw my Head of Foundation lo.
Neh, the most yeng one.
Tall tall one la.

Visit the campus then.
Ini adalah Block B.

Oh ya, I love this view. Really nice.
Try to find where's it if you saw this picture!!

Long distance view of Block B and I am in Block C.

Although Kampar has mountains and lakes ah
but very HOT you know. Burning.

Seterusnya, ini adalah Cafeteria nya yang sekarang hanya
ada satu stall for around 500 students.

Ini adalah lokasi science lab-nya yang saya akan pergi always.
Setiap door ada dia punya lecturer punya nama.

My friend who bought me lepak around here is a nice view to take picture.
I said:"Until now don't have people try to jump into it mer?"

The cloud. The mountain. The tiang and the Bus-stop.
The grass. The......

Then, go to see my future room and bed and toilet and etc.

My room lo. Quite small but bo pian lo. No $ ma.

The toilet looks cool. But after 4months, I not sure lo. LOL.
Will keep updating you all la. IF and ONLY IF my house-mates allow me to take pict. lalala.

After that leh... Yi gang said the Chicken bread here nice, so.....

Ta-da! Don't know whether is the same shop la. Cause......

So "many" people inside ma.

Then like this lor. Then right, I saw something cute......

This little boy damn cute. Really. Cuter than the chicken bread here.
Trust me. LOL!

But these uncles more yeng.
I quite admire them one lo.

Before I chao, I saw this......
Don't know fish balls or meat balls "sai tai yong" (canto).
Dad said nice to eat wor sai like that.

Finally, go back home liao la. Reach home around 7.30pm. This "walk" took me 12 hours.
Very sleepy. ZzzzZzz......

4 beep(s) to KahYee:

lee on Dec 24, 2007, 11:14:00 PM said...

Eh...mian bao ji nice anot?
but the one i eat isnt this la..that one got aircond one...

ur room is much more bigger than mine in setapak one lar...

so good...mive sempit like hell la...

next time when pay u a visit sure will kacau u redi lar...haha

Ka Hy Ee on Dec 25, 2007, 11:36:00 AM said...

lol..i think i shud go for another mian bao ji shop..dis not so recommended "ling kai" say the mian bao ji there lot nicer room??actually is very small me?why? oh

eliza natsuko on Dec 30, 2007, 12:07:00 PM said...

you're going UTAR kampar? O_O!!!
welcome then! i'll be your senior :D

Ka Hy Ee on Dec 30, 2007, 4:43:00 PM said...

natsuko..who r u?lol..

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