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Monday, December 17, 2007

Simply A Letter

AT 12:19 AM

To: Whoever you think this letter refers to.

Today, still a rainy day. I would like to write this letter to you. But, I do not want to post, email, sms to you, that's why I write it here. I hope you know this letter is refers to you.

Well, we have been knowing each other for couple of weeks, and I know you have putting a lot of efforts do soooo many things to get my heart but unfortunately, BASICALLY, you failed. You have just failed. Admit it dear. You failed.

You should know why I treated you like that. I mean, I can even ask you go to die(really serious one). If I were to like a guy, I won't treat the guy like this. So... Apparently, I am now rejecting you. If you ask why, please recall back what I have told you beside the Museum, under the tree with the bird shit.

Actually, I have already told you and gave you warning for so many times. However, you still giving me the same answer - you won't give up. Then, I have got nothing to say. I know there are no promises but I feel like I am wasting your time. If really I am not, please don't tell me that I am not. You just have to keep it inside your heart and tell me ONLY 3 years later. Can you?

I have really think about it. Even though I am not regretting of anything, but I think (I won't say SO FAR) the maximum level of us is just good friend. Simply good friend. That's all...

Your faithfully,

Lim Kah Yee

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