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Thursday, December 13, 2007


AT 12:22 PM
They are twins. Although they are same sex. But, they're from different embryo(not from one ovum one sperm). Basically, things that happen on one of the twin, the other one will meet the same thing. However......

This is the younger one.
As we can see, the beautiful new-born teeth is on our right.
(he always claim that he's handsome.)

This is the one who came out few minutes earlier than the previous.
(he always claim that he's MORE handsome than the bro.
and believe it or not? He has girlfriend already. LOL)
Saw the teeth? It's on our left. Strange heh?

Aren't this weird? Should be on the same side right? May be because of they are not from the same zygote. Hmm...

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