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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

:::: iChristmas ::::

AT 11:06 AM

First of all......

I wanna give this to YiGang.
Nah!! Owe you another 3 more lolipops!!

So now owe you no more.

Then, had my dinner here. All the indian food.

I always like to take pictures like this.
Menu + spoon + fork.

Here you go, nice decoration. Balloons!!!

The kitchen. Inside the kitchen only have one female.
Kitchen has only ONE FEMALE! Pro...

I like this angle too!!

The coffee here is-
A drink from paradise,available on Earth.
But I don't drink coffee. So, I will never know the trueness of these words.

Again the phrase.

Oh, I had this. Green curry spaghetti. Curry with sweeeeet taste.
I would never like it. Yicks.

This sky juice was the bestest for me. Lol!

Then at night, Nic SKIPPED church. So, he felt very boring and he jio me to go to Kapar to celebrate with his form6 friends. It was not bad. A lot better than staying at home and sitting in front the idiot box for whole night. Also, NIC!! SEND ME ALL THE PICTS YOU'VE CAPTURED THAT DAY~~

Apparently, they were BBQ-ing.
(My hp camera is not so good. Please forgive me for these blur pictures)
p/s: so you guys should know what present to gimme on my birthday!!!
Ngiek~ ngiek~

Saw the guy? He's not indian.
He speaks fluent Chinese and his hokkien is a lot better than mine.

They were so hungry. lol.

The left: PengHan, the one who didn't improve his singing skill.
The 2nd from right: Wu-zun a.k.a shuai ge (leng zhai)
The 1st from right: Choppy? Nic, can you ask your friends why call him choppy?

Boring me was playing UNO with them.
Nic (right) keep on losing and it was continuously one. He was so pro! (salute)

The guys.

The guys...

... and the guys again!

These people were chatting there. Actually they were pat-ing la.
Due to the appearance of PengHan(white shirt guy).

I reached home at 0145.
So, this is iChristmas/2007.

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