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Friday, December 7, 2007


AT 5:56 PM
See the tortoise above?? Having a big trouble. But, I am worse. I have a lot of Big Troubles!!

  1. My laptop's dvd-rom has problem. The laptop cannot read the dvd-rom.
  2. My fees for my Year1 Sem1. Around RM5000.00
  3. Take loan cannot apply for scholarship?
  4. My dad has changed. His money-minded attitude has become worse. f**king damn realistic. Due to this...
  5. I am very worry about my siblings and of course, my mum.
  6. Exam coming very soon. Never had this kind of feeling. So-not-confident. Even dreaming of I don't know how to answer exam questions.
  7. Expenses when go to Kampar, I don't think my dad able to pay me RM600.00 per month.

All come together = shit!

No matter how tough I am, how optimistic I am, no money will always be NO-MONEY.

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