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Saturday, December 22, 2007


AT 1:13 AM

Although I don't wanna blog about someone I hate to publicity for that person, thus, I did publiSHITy for that particular people.

You know what, there are some "teachers" that act like good person in front of you and then you might not know what they did on your papers. May be you'll get 66 marks instead of 99 that you should get initially. Trust me. Those "teachers" can do that to you. "One-Of-My-Friend" just kena from the "teacher"!!

Well, for this person that I hate, I know it's not good to curse people and may be will shorten my life span or go into hell but now, one night before the Christmas Eve, you've forced me to do this-cursing that I have long time never did. Thanks to you dear.

I hope you'll never get m*rr**d and stay a*o*e till forever. Your face will have s**r and p**p*e that can never disappear even you do plastic surgery for n th times. When you step out from home, the first thing you will see are birds then you'll luckily step on the bloody bird shit. Then when you step out from house gate, the cars will come over you and BANG you. When you in hospital, no one will go visit you and you will be sleeping beside all the dead body. If you scared, even you will never come out forever and stay at home, then you see g*o*t also!!

No friend will go visit you, you'll be alone until you die. Even after you die, no one will know. Those crows will eat your dead body. Imagine that!!!

p/s: my curse is very efficatious one. Beware.

1 beep(s) to KahYee:

Huixin on Dec 26, 2007, 11:02:00 AM said...

omg....den next time i can't make you angry...If not later U curse me, den I'll die

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