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Sunday, June 1, 2008

5+5 ways to become famous in UTAR kampar

AT 2:55 PM
FlipFlop by HongLeong:
I got myself up to Grade B already!


Wanna become well-known in UTAR Perak Campus?

Well, I posted this entry with no offense and this entry is PURELY my OPINIONS & IDEAS only.

5 good ways to become famous in UTAR Perak Campus(or other universities also, perhaps!)
  1. Go to the night market every Wednesday night because most of the students going there. Every time I go there, I feel threaten cause all my friends will tend to notice who's the guy walking beside me and started to think something italic-ly. SWT!
  2. Always stay in the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) and help the officers.(Please don't skip classes for that)
  3. Join as many clubs and societies as you can and try to be the committee member of the clubs (get the highest position) OR join the campaigns especially Student Representative Committee (SRC) election.
  4. Study hard and hard and HARD to make yourself into Dean list or President list. Your name and photo will be posted inside Intranet OR be very good in sports.
  5. Be confident but not arrogant. Be friendly but not fake.

5 bad ways
  1. Wear and dress very "in" and kononnya stylish and plagiarise how those lala chai and si ham mui look. E.g. girls wear 20cm mini skirt (I saw once a girl really wear a skirt shorter than 20cm 鸡蛋糕 worse is her body shape is not good and that's why the guards cannot tahan and something like this happened) and as for guys, can try to wear skirt.
  2. One day go 5 places for dinner to maintain your friendships with as many people as you can. (this seems stupid but I know someone who did that)
  3. Flirting around. Which means girls always mix with guys ONLY and flirting around go to guys' houses every night etc, vice versa.
  4. Do stupid things such as wear ONLY underwear to class, jump into the lake and swim, catch a monitor lizard and kiss it and BITE IT STRAIGHT AFTER KISSING IT 鸡蛋糕, run nakedly in whole campus and etc.
  5. Be as bad as you can; as over-confident as you can; as bitchy as you can.

p/s: 5+5 ways above are only for reference.
I DO NOT take any responsibility of any consequences if you did what I've stated above.

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