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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why cupcakes?

AT 11:07 AM
Short recaps:
Ok, I am so sorry cause I'm so busy to update my blog.
Busy with events, studies, friends and family (I am going back Klang for 端午节 in the coming weekend!!!)
Ok, I am bangau. Excuses I know.

First and foremost, this game. HAHAHAHA!!

At first, I thought it would be boring. But after seeing SuetLi playing it so fun,
I decided to play it myself.And got a Gred C. =.=



Recently, I don't know why, the cupcake has become so so and SO famous.
Without any reasons. Anyone can tell me? Kenapa?
I saw them in TV and many are learning how to bake the cupcakes.
People even use cupcakes to celebrate birthday instead of the-typical-birthday-cake.
Ok, may be because we need not to cut it into pieces and no need to buy another tissue and plastic/paper plate to wrap and so whatever. Damn convenient. Am I right?
So, ladies and gentlemen,
I would like to have cupcakes for my Birthday @ 20.08.2008 !!!

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