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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Soft Skills - Take Charge

AT 9:11 PM
Soft Skills - Take Charge

Special Thanks to Mr. Lee Eng Aun. If not because of this Mr.叫鸡, I won't able to be there to attend an OK-lo program. =.= haha!

I said it is OK cause most of the thing I already implementing it since years ago.
(I am not showing off how good and how nice I am I am just telling the truth)

And I can see some of them really changed la. They suddenly became so passionate and enthusiastic. I also got shocked. The more they change, the louder WUHOO they got.

Lunch was Chicken rice, which what I don't like cause after eating the stupid chicken rice, the whole mouth will have the smelly chicken stink for THE WHOLE DAY!

Basically, this kinda program involve something like leaving your contact numbers and etc.
Of course there are someone asked for mine.
But so sorry, I cannot give you my cellphone number until I really know you.

(My right leg and Clement's left leg)
Do not say I am sombong or so. I just love my number so so so much.
I give you my email address is good enough to contact me already.


Another thing, I am not pouring cold water but NORMALLY friends that we knew when we went for programs, seminars and camps all won't last long.

You'll only bersemangat and chat for at most 3 weeks then cold for the entire life.
After that,
not even a Hi or Bye anymore.

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