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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Capricorn & Aries guys

AT 11:09 PM
Why Capricorn & Aries?

Because normally guys that I have good feeling /admire with they are under these 2 horoscopes.

Since year 2002
  1. 12/01 (ex-classmate; present good friend)
  2. 18/04 (ex-classmate; present good friend)
  3. 03/01 (ex-schoolmate; don't really know him)
  4. 06/01 (ex-schoolmate; don't feel like contact him)
  5. 04/04 (current Uni friend and very close with him)
    p/s: he's really good unfortunately he's 8months younger than me =.=
  6. 25/12 (current Uni friend and very close with him TOO)
So if 6 of you see this you should know you are the 6 la but don't be so happy cause it doesn't mean anything thank you.

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