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Thursday, June 12, 2008

I =/= cute

AT 12:19 AM
Is a short entry cause I am so busy.

Thanks for Ben who said I am cute lar. And seriously I still prefer your name without Ben cause for me Ben is someone who is BIG SIZE and sangat kuat one. Your name with no BEN is really nice.

Also, for me, cute=UGLY but adorable so next time please use adorable la sound nicer. As cute aka 口爱 aka kawaii swt I really don't like these terms la. Thank you very much lo. hahaha.

We know each other in a really odd way la 鸡蛋糕... Thanks to bapak - Lawrence, if not I would notknow that particular Homo sapien (H of Homo must be in Capital letter cause it's a genus name) is actually a BEN!

Just Remember, I-AM-NOT-CUTE!

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