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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Advantages of smoke and drink

AT 11:02 PM
This may sound sarcastic but...


  1. You smoke, there's second-hand smokes, people around you inhaled it. They'll have lungs cancer, die faster, then we won't have NO-ENOUGH-FOOD-PROBLEM. Good isn't it?
  2. You smoke, more CO2 and unnecessary gaseous go up to atmosphere then global warming getting more serious and the end of the day comes faster we all go heaven faster. HAHA!!
  3. You smoke and or drink, cigarette's / beer companies will earn GODDAMN LOT of money then they will sponsor more money to some competition/tournaments like F1, football, basketball, rugby etc. We'll have nice shows to watch. Great right??
  4. You drink more you'll have liver cancer then you will need people to donate part of their liver to you and they get to generate more cells to reform the liver this is good to donators' health so basically

    if you have liver cancer you are doing charity 鸡蛋糕!
  5. You drink, the alcohol is filled inside some glass/aluminum all these can be recycled again and again so we are reusing the material and sources this is good!
p/s: I am not conveying some negative knowledges or information.
This is purely for entertainment. Thank you.

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