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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Special thanks to...

AT 11:49 PM

I love my friends. Special thanks to...

Clement who initially insisted to join the team and now he's doing well, very well.
Datuk which no one will expect me and him will be the same team.
Sam who contributed a lot and so so and so hardworking in doing things.
Rachel who's accidentally came into my team and gave plenty of good ideas that are relevant and effective.
EngAun who brought in Datuk K.
Datuk K that is so sweet until I got diabetic. I fell in love with Datuk K once in a while (tuut what the tuut is once in a while). I really think he is so so so cute la. REALLY you know?
JingJing and CheeWah that help me to take laptop and projector in these 3days.
Monica that do many things for my Pengajian Malaysia Assignment.
Chai Chiun who helped me until 4 in the morning and I tell you I really appreciate it. From the bottom of my heart.
Chan Pei Xin and Su Ling that help me to cut my head photos(arnd 3000 of it).
Nic Yew who gave me a lot of surprises. haha.
Johnson and Yung who helped me LOADSSSSSSSS of things and I really touched(cause I know them only for few days).
Brenden,Kaixiang and his friends (a girl I don't know how to spell her name, sounds like Veneq sorry) that helped out until midnight and do a cute lil brooch for my team. Touched!!!
Ah Seng, datuk friends and also friends la all and all contributing from day1 to last day. TOUCHED!!!!!!!!!
1519 house tenants sorry and thank you cause occupying your place and thanks for the supports!!!
Many other supporters that I still don't know who you are but I know there are some of you who really believe in me and support me all along the 3days campaign. Thank you^infinity!!
KC who lend me his bio notes. Hehe.
Thanks to Agnes that wished me good luck. I hope I won't disappoint anyone of you. Really.
Opponents WengYip and Mr.Hew Wei Leung(that from Klang also) teasing me for whole 3days so that I didn't get bored. Really nice to meet you guys.
Jason, the beat-boxer thank you cause you look so cute and we've met up for so many times in a day every where we went sure meet so when I see cute guy I am happy. HAHA!! (tuut) What a coincident...
Ben, Benjamin to be precise (requested by someone cause he we don't want any rumours spreading around tuuuut) who wish me all the best and I think you are hiding yourself looking at me most of the time lo! =.=

APOLOGIZE to my course-mates cause I misused my power to changed one of the time slot of our biodiversity lecture without asking the majority of your opinion. I sincerely asking for apology and I'd never do the same mistake again.
I am sorry.

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