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Thursday, June 19, 2008


AT 11:52 PM
Yes, it is all about rumors aka rumours la!

Well, recently there are a lot of rumors about me in UTAR. I don't know this is a good thing or bad thing for me as in I am going to run for Student Representative already. People might just believe/don't believe the good/bad things that spread by the human/animal.

Some have been saying me
  • too self-promoting ( how you define self-promote?)
  • called one of the female chairman criticized her by saying she don't look good ( I called her and talk about that? Phone bill no need to pay ah?)
  • can do anything for position (as if I can jual badan for it 鸡蛋糕! tell me what I did to get position please I really wanna know it)
  • a hypocrite (I wonder who's the real hypocrite one)
Currently ( I heard that) there are 2teams that spreading my stuffs until very 凶. I don't know how 凶 is it la. Some of my team-mates (Vice chairman) also kena.

My friends said no one is perfect and don't aspect everyone to like you.
If you are being a lil too active or compete for some higher positions then you'll kena.
*I wonder tomorrow I can 卫冕 my position in Biological Society or not.*
He said:" If you want everything ends, you have to stop everything you are doing right now."

I knew it long time ago la anyways thank you Ben.

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