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Sunday, June 1, 2008

UTARians on TV

AT 2:41 PM
Here you go the video!!


Recently, I have been doing so much things for UTAR.
Meeting with the DSA manager and Student Representative from Klang Valley...
for the Donation.
I ran here and there in the whole University for it and enter almost every classes.

Working with Police (Sergeant Hassan) doing things for RakanCop...
and also with the Fire Brigade for the safety campaign.

Became the emcee for the events that were running for orientation week.

I changed from a nobody to somebody in UTAR.
(I think so gua)

People started to see me with different kinds of eye sights.
(Don't know is true or not or I am just too perasan.)

Asking me lots of questions about how I got myself up to the stage and helping in DSA.

There's one thing I really don't like is when people ask "Are you a student helper?".
I seriously do not fancy the word H-E-L-P-E-R because I am not a helper!

You know why?
Cause do you think a King will like if you call him eunuch aka 太监? No right?

So friends, next time when you wanna ask me some questions about activities that I ran for, please do not use the word la. Haha.

Thank you very much.

2 beep(s) to KahYee:

Anonymous said...

bump in here accidentally & hey u i know u..u gt a booming voice & the 1st ever standard English accent i heard in utar haha..anyway i like the way u blogs, another bookmark to be surf around yay ~


LimKahYee, Kylie on Jun 2, 2008, 4:44:00 PM said...

hey Jackie, thank you for your support. haha. Um, actually my English still need some improvement. I mean A LOT of improvements. Anyways, thanks for the compliment. ;)

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