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Sunday, June 1, 2008

E 008

AT 4:37 PM
Crappy Patty:
KarChee curi-curi captured this ugly photo of mine.

Guess how much is this? With the vegetables that countable.
The price is RM2.00
I chose to buy it. =.=
Finally I bought myself a high-lighter!
The last purple color. HAHAHAHA!!

E 008 aka Mineswonderland!
See? Everyone is wearing sweater!

From left Clement, AngYeeChan, LimJingJing, ChanSietTeng, Bonnie, Monica.

From left KarChee, Chandra(the blue thingy), OngYewHian, CheahChernSwern, TanCheeWah the Top1 student.

From left TungMengSan, Vincent Then aka The lord, SiahSweeSiah aka Siu Sa gor, LooYenDa, Neo.
(Names above are my course-mates)

Everyone is wearing like going into the Genting Highlands' Snow House.

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