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Thursday, June 5, 2008


AT 8:23 PM
Today is Ng Ee's birthday.

Today I feel I am so not me. Blank.

Today I feel so sleepy( I feel it everyday actually =.=)

Today Biological Science Society recruited 2 non-biological students only.

Tomorrow is last day already.

Today I feel I cannot trust anyone.

Today I got to know Terrence form his own SRC team.

Today Terrence grabbed MJ from me.

Today I feel I am actually not keng at all.

Today I am so tiny.

Today I am wearing skirt.

Tomorrow I am going back to Klang.

Today I feel tomorrow I should not go back to Klang cause I feel something bad will happen for my SRC team.

Today I don't have oxygen.

Today I love Andrew cause he gave me hopes.

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