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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Funny things

AT 9:29 PM
Funny things!!Khairil versus Clement. See Clement's face?
Khairil said Clement looks like donald duck, that prepare to attack wahahaHA!!

I know this is not funny.
I put this is because I love purple ma cannot meh?

Clement so darn lucky kena bird shit!!!! when we were on the way back from night market hahaha!!!
(Photo is shaking cause I was laughing like tuuuuuuut)

Khairil ( not the son-in-law of our current PM la).
He's so so so cute + farny la!!

He has this thing on his pencil case. hahaha!! cute right?

OK, this is may be not so cute but it's funny. haha!!! I think la..
Doll on top of Clement's head is Ahxian's kumakuma what the tuut! haha!

Clement drew that in English for Science tutorial haha!!
He's presenting very seriously.

Radioactive, Khairil's wallet la.

Left-Tan Chee Wah, the top1 student in my class and his gf aka wife. haha!!

View from CheeWah's house

Chickens in fronta cheewah's house.
We cannot eat it. hahaha.

Chee Wah's house!

Prepare for steambot, make it lut lut!! swt.

La la la la~~~

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